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THE GROOVER RENTAL - 50 Use capacity

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THE GROOVER RENTAL - 50 Use capacity
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Add a 50 user day toilet system to your raft rental. "Groovers" are normally required on river trips. Groover duty is one of the most important jobs on a river trip. The person on Groover duty is charged with setting it up as soon as the group arrives at camp and making sure everyone knows The Groover Commandments. He/she is also must be an expert at the art of groover placement. It is important for the groover to be placed in a spot away from standing water and with great views. It should also be concealed for privacy, if possible. Please empty and clean the groover at any RV park before returning it. They have a flushing system that connects to a valve on the main toilet container. It's really easy and does not require opening the lid to the container. The system extracts the waste and flushes the container out with water.

The 10 Groover Commandments
  • Thou shalt always poo in the groover, never on shore or in the river. that's just not cool.
  • Thou shalt not pee in the groover
  • Thou shalt clean the groover with Clorox wipes and sprinkle with Ajax flavor crystals and/or antibacterial cleaner after use
  • Thou shalt leave a sign of sorts to alert other potential grooving people know that they have to hold it.
  • Thou shalt close the lid
  • Thou shalt sit, not hover
  • Thou shalt use a minimal amount of toilet paper
  • Thou shalt look the other way when others are grooving
  • Thou shalt be quick
  • Thou shalt return the groover empty and clean or thou shalt be charged a $150 cleaning fee.
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